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Updated: 7/26/2021

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Art by Saba

Rusty Redgrove

Wow, is my tail really THAT long? SPECIES: red panda
PRONOUNS: they/them
AGE: early 30s
HEIGHT: 4'11"
LIKES: video games, cheeseburgers, chiptunes
DISLIKES: loud noises, cold, seafood

Rusty really likes old electronics, especially video games. On most days, there's nothing they'd rather be doing than sitting in front of an old TV with a stack of dusty cartridges, slaying pixelated monsters and racking up impressive scores.

Rusty is an adventurer at heart, and always has stories to tell about their magical escapades inside the video game worlds, though nobody really seems to know whether these stories are true, or just the product of an overactive imagination. (Oddly enough, Rachel never seems to question them...)

I learned this one from a cartoon tiger!Rusty's most striking physical features are their long, red/green/blue-tipped tail and vivid magenta eyes, which seem to glow when they're deep in thought or focusing on a difficult task. They are mildly nearsighted and often don't need to wear glasses, but like the way they look anyway.

Rusty likes to collect T-shirts, and has a truly magnificent collection stuffed into their woefully small closet. You'll rarely ever see them wearing anything but one of these suspiciously well-preserved shirts underneath their favorite red flannel.

Rusty is terribly shy, and it can take a lot of gentle prodding to bring them out of their shell. Once you do, though, they'll be your bestest pal forever! (Especially if you offer them cheeseburgers.)

(Ref sheet by Saba, art by Chu Kazoo)

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Rachel Riverglen

dang i gotta commission rusty more often SPECIES: red panda/fennec fox hybrid
PRONOUNS: she/her
AGE: mid 20s
HEIGHT: 4' flat
LIKES: bugs, old computers, Rusty
DISLIKES: guns, pungent odors, ghosts

Rachel is a little fuzzy firecracker and Rusty's BFF since childhood. When she's not out in the woods punching rocks with her bare fists, she's either furiously hammering out code on her ancient Kumquat Micro III (with 256 KB RAM upgrade!) or hanging around Rusty and generally being a nuisance.

Rachel is a "rox", a red panda/fennec fox hybrid (her mother and father, respectively). Physically, she most resembles a fennec fox, but with a longer, two-ringed tail and dark brown cheek stripes. Although she is usually bursting with energy, she also enjoys long naps, and can often be found snoozing under (or sometimes in) a big shade tree next to Rusty.

leggy goes boiiiiiiiingRachel is missing her right leg below the knee. She often claims that she lost it while defending Rusty from a pack of ferocious bears, but in reality she stepped on a rusty nail while exploring an old barn as a child. She typically wears a prosthetic leg, nicknamed "Kate", which has undergone numerous DIY repairs and unauthorized modifications kickin' rad upgrades, much to the dismay of her prosthetist. She likes to remind people during heated arguments that she has, on more than one occasion, literally snapped her foot off inside someone's ass.

Rachel's wardrobe is a bit unconventional. She will happily spend hours mixing and matching random items until she finds a combination that "tickles her brain", though more often than not, she ends up settling on a ratty T-shirt and extraordinarily loud skirt. She also enjoys designing her own shirts, and hopes to start her own business with Rusty someday.

Despite her fiery attitude and sometimes prickly exterior, Rachel has a heart of gold and is just completely addicted to big, squeezy hugs. Luckily for her, Rusty is a licensed big squeezy hug dispenser.

Huh, ain't seen that before...

Redmond "Red" Redgrove

SPECIES: red panda

Rusty's dad, Redmond, is what you get when you cross a red panda with a book of dad jokes and a jumbo-size bag of marshmallows. Red is always friendly, fluffy, and full of fatherly wisdom, and always has plenty of fresh-brewed sweet tea ready for potential visitors.

Red became a single father rather unexpectedly when his wife, Emma, passed away shortly after Rusty's birth. Devastated, but filled with a new-found determination, he raised Rusty almost single-handedly while still managing to hold down a full-time job as an appliance repairman. His love of all things mechanical and electrical rubbed off on Rusty during those formative years, and today the two of them run R+R Repair, the most well-known and trusted appliance (and a handful of other things) repair business in all of Foxglen.

Being from the Southern Lands, Red has a bit of a drawl, which becomes more prominent when he's flustered or exasperated. His cuss of choice is "aw, dagnuts!"

Please, no photographs until I've finished my tea.

Benjamin Riverglen

SPECIES: fennec fox

Ben is a former sailor and Rachel's father. He was discharged from the Navy so that he could stay at home and take care of Rachel after her accident.

A rather hard-nosed and stern individual, Ben frequently butted heads with his daughter in her youth, but has mellowed out somewhat in the years since. Being a fennec fox, he is also extremely small and jittery, and is prone to bouts of squeaking when angry or otherwise worked up.

Ben is employed as a writer for a business journal, and spends most of his free time either reading the newspaper or tending his vegetable garden. His favorite drink is blueberry tea.

I usually just pick him up by the scruff of the neck. Calms him right down.

Kassandra "Kass" Riverglen

SPECIES: red panda

Rachel's mother, Kassandra, is a tall and burly woman with a calm and gentle demeanor. She works for the government of Foxglen, and is highly praised for her skill in negotiating trade agreements with both nearby cities and distant countries alike.

Born and raised on a farm, Kass spent much of her youth wandering the lush hills and rivers of the Nell countryside. She was also a bit of a troublemaker, and frequently found herself running afoul of both her parents and local law enforcement. Because of this, she tends to understand Rachel and her whims better than Ben does, and was a little more hesitant to punish her whenever she got out of line.

When she's not traveling or otherwise engaged in some kind of government business, Kass enjoys working out and partaking in a variety of outdoor activities. She and Ben have won Foxglen's Cutest Couple competition for five years straight.

You broke it doing WHAT now?

Forrest Bellwood

SPECIES: squirrel

Forrest is a native of Kalaroo, a small country in the southern hemisphere. When he was 21, he moved across the globe to pursue a degree in electronics engineering at Kellen University on the outskirts of Foxglen.

So advanced, it has FIVE fingers!Shortly after graduating, he developed an aggressive form of cancer in his right wrist, which unfortunately resulted in the amputation of his hand and part of his forearm. Dissatisfied with the basic mechanical hook he received, he decided to put his engineering skills to work developing more advanced myoelectric prosthetics, and later founded Treetop Orthotics & Prosthetics with one of his colleagues. He currently wears an iPAW, a computer-controlled hand of his own design.

In his spare time, Forrest enjoys painting elaborate floral designs, especially for patients who are looking to spruce up their otherwise drab limbs. His own arm is adorned with an intricate flowering vine pattern, which he repaints every few months to match the current season.

Forrest has been Rachel's prosthetist since the very beginning, and is good friends with Ben and Kass (and Rachel, when she behaves). Being thousands of miles away from family, he usually celebrates holidays with the Riverglens, though he does his best to travel back home at least once a year.

It's my very own secret recipe!

Jozef "Joey" Densmore

SPECIES: kangaroo

Joey is a chef/manager at the Bluewater Café in downtown Foxglen, one of the oldest restaurants in the city. He is a friendly, witty, and attractive young man, traits which have made him rather popular with many of the elderly ladies that frequent the café.

Joey is always coming up with new recipes and pitching them to the owner of the café, though not many of them stick, as they often require exotic and/or expensive ingredients that are hard to come by in Foxglen. His dream is to attend the legendary Mariette School of the Culinary Arts and become a world-famous chef.

Joey and Rachel have known each other since middle school, and have a strange friendship/rivalry that could almost be mistaken for animosity at times, given the loud and rather harsh insults the two sling at each other every time they meet. Rachel openly admits she has a bit of a crush on Joey, but acknowledges that the universe would probably "flip inside out and explode" if the two were ever to hook up. (Joey also claims to have a boyfriend, though Rachel's not totally convinced, as she has never seen him with her own two eyes.)

Joey served Rachel a really, really bad sandwich once, a grievous mistake that will haunt him his entire life.

[unintelligible screaming]

Kate Wormwood

SPECIES: red panda

Kate is the current lead singer of WAH, an all-red panda heavy metal band that has been melting faces around the world for over three decades. The "Demon Queen of Scream" is equally at home behind a mic or her beloved electric guitar, Firefox, and ends every show with a killer guitar solo, much to the delight of her devoted—and just as loud—fanbase.

Kate is a fierce defender of civil and political rights, and has been directly involved in a number of movements both at home and abroad. She lost an eye in a heavily-publicized clash with police during a demonstration, and proudly wears her glittery black-and-purple eyepatch (gifted to her by a young fan) as a badge of honor.

Rachel is a huge fan of Kate and her work, and has seen her in concert nearly two dozen times. She often brags that she is one of only two fans that have ever been featured on the front page of Kate's online photo gallery.

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