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Ref sheets and biographical information for Rusty and their pals.

Updated: 6/2/2020

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Art by Saba

Rusty the Retro Panda

Preview (click to enlarge) SPECIES: red panda
PRONOUNS: they/them
AGE: "thirty-something"
HEIGHT: 4'11"
LIKES: video games, cheeseburgers, chiptunes
DISLIKES: loud noises, cold, seafood

Rusty really likes old electronics, especially video games. On most days, there's nothing they'd rather be doing than sitting in front of an old TV with a stack of dusty cartridges, slaying pixelated monsters and racking up impressive scores.

Rusty is an adventurer at heart, and always has stories to tell about their magical escapades inside the video game worlds, though nobody really seems to know whether these stories are true, or just the product of an overactive imagination. (Oddly enough, Rachel never seems to question them...)

Rusty's most striking physical features are their long, red/green/blue-tipped tail and vivid magenta eyes, which almost seem to glow when they're deep in thought or focusing on a difficult task. They are mildly nearsighted and often don't need to wear glasses, but like the way they look anyway.

Rusty likes to collect T-shirts, and has a truly magnificent collection stuffed into their woefully small closet. You'll rarely ever see them wearing anything but one of these suspiciously well-preserved shirts underneath their favorite red flannel.

Rusty is terribly shy, and it can take a lot of gentle prodding to bring them out of their shell. Once you do, though, they'll be your bestest pal forever! (Especially if you offer them cheeseburgers.)

(Ref sheet by Saba)

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Art by Quasar

Rachel the Rox

Preview (click to enlarge) SPECIES: red panda/fennec fox hybrid
PRONOUNS: she/her
AGE: "Not too old to punch your lights out!" (late 20s. probably.)
HEIGHT: 4' flat
LIKES: bugs, old computers, Rusty
DISLIKES: guns, pungent odors, ghosts

Rachel is a little fuzzy firecracker and Rusty's BFF since childhood. When she's not out in the woods punching rocks with her bare fists, she's either furiously hammering out code on her ancient Kumquat Micro III ("With 256 KB RAM upgrade!") or hanging around Rusty and generally being a nuisance.

Rachel is a "rox", a red panda/fennec fox hybrid (her mother and father, respectively). Physically, she most resembles a stocky fennec fox, but with a longer, two-ringed tail and dark brown cheek stripes. Although she is usually bursting with energy, she also enjoys long naps, and can often be found snoozing under (or sometimes in) a big shade tree next to Rusty.

Rachel is missing her right leg below the knee. She swears that she lost it while defending Rusty from a pack of ferocious bears, but in reality she stepped on a rusty nail while exploring an old barn. ("Okay, but the barn was on fire AND haunted!") She typically wears a carbon fiber prosthetic, which has undergone numerous DIY repairs and unauthorized modifications kickin' rad upgrades, much to the dismay of her prosthetist. She likes to remind people during heated arguments that she has, on more than one occasion, literally snapped her foot off inside someone's ass.

Rachel's wardrobe is...unconventional. She will happily spend hours mixing and matching random items until she finds a combination that "tickles her brain", though more often than not, she ends up settling on a ratty T-shirt and extraordinarily loud skirt. She also enjoys designing and printing her own shirts, and hopes to start her own business with Rusty someday.

Despite her fiery attitude, Rachel has a heart of gold and is just completely addicted to big, squeezy hugs. Luckily for her, Rusty is a licensed big squeezy hug dispenser.

(Original design sketch by Rusty)

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